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State of Alaska Statistical Reporting Areas

Outlines only The Stat Area add on shows the outlines and numbers for the State of Alaska Statistical Reporting Areas. This add-on is useful to Groundfishers, Crabbers and anyone else who uses eLandings as part of their reporting requirements.
  • Makes it easier to make accurate eLandings filings.
  • Clearly shows when the vessel leaves one area and enters another.
  • Allows for easy marking of Statistical Reporting Areas that have been closed.
  • With tracks, it provides a better visual history of the vessel's fishing areas.
Statistical areas are shown as outline. As you zoom the numbers will appear.
While the layers can be added to any layer scheme, the Statistical areas are shipped to be viewed in the All layer and a new layer called Stat Areas. This was done to avoid clutter.
GLOBE layer select
Outlines only
These images are provided to demonstrate the Alaska Statistical Reporting Areas as they appear in GLOBE and should not be considered official information.