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Tide and Current Module

Tide and Current Instrument Window Tide and current information can be integrated into ECC GLOBE by using the Tide and Current add-on module. Up-to-date tidal height and current speed can be viewed either at your ship's position or at the cursor location. Future conditions can be shown for planning purposes.

Tides and currents are viewed in three different ways. Real-time Tide and Current information from the nearest tide and current station can been shown on the ECC GLOBE Instrument panel as a graph with present tide height and current speed.
Tide gauges and current arrows can be displayed graphically on vector and raster charts. Tide gauges show tide height graphically and as text at the bottom of the gauge. Current arrows show the direction and speed of the current.

Gauges and arrows can be viewed together, as shown here, or independently.
Tide and Current Stations
Tide and Current Graph The Tide and Current Window presents a great deal of information including:
  • 24 hour graph of tide heights and current speeds
  • Ability to view graphs from the 20 closest stations
  • Highs and lows for the tide and current shown in the graph.
  • The ability to view tide and current tables from the past or into the future